About School

Ashirwad’s International School is a co-educational school offering a quality  education @ Pakkam,

Gudiyattam, with all advanced and sophisticated amenities. We strive to empower our young learners with skill based

knowledge and we always love to identify every individual child’s interest and motivate their hidden talents.

Mr.Manjunath,the Founder and Correspondent of Ashirwad’s Educational trust initiated his dream school Ashirwad’s

International School in the academic year 2K13 – 2K14.He’s basically a linguistic, passionated towards

languages, a wise philosopher, good orator and a professional language trainer.

He started his Educational Journey as an English professor for an Engineering College and served as a Director for

an University @ Pondicherry centre of Management studies. He’s indeed a major corporate trainer imparting

soft skills Programme for many colleges and schools in and around Tamil Nadu,  with a Vast clients.His innovative

views and ideas has branded Ashirwad’s Unique Educational system with grand features ever before @ Gudiyattam

On the surface, every child entering the school might appear to be similar, but our focus is on identifying and nurturing

the uniqueness of every individual child. It’s important to discover their strengths, talents, interests and passion

towards learning. Hence we have multi activities to satisfy their needs both academic and non academics.

It’s understood that a well balanced curriculum and play way method of instructions will help the young minds to

integrate their learning smoothly.

Sports and Extra activities conducted @ Ashirwad’s helps the children in strengthening co-ordination and experience

leadership skills.

Picnics and Field Trips / Educational Indoor Activities enhance students understanding their surroundings.

Celebrations of festivals sensitises them to understand and learn multiple traditions and cultures.